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Drivers tracking

Delight your customers by bringing real time position tracking on a map to their orders.

Order details

Business and customer delivery details: name, phone number, address, business/client location on the map.

Any Device

Ios & Android, the assigned tablet or smartphone becomes an order receiving machine.

Instant Push Notifications

Receive visual and sound notification when orders arrive on your smartphone or tablet, even when the app is closed.

Orders Management

Accept or Reject new orders: confirmation is then sent to your customer in an email. You´ll love it!

Map Routing

Integration with google maps & apple maps. View delivery route directly from your app.


Drivers can manage more than 1 pending delivery at the same time, make the most out of your man power.

Device Friendly

Real time tracking on any ios or android device. There won't be any issue integrating Drivers App, spend more time on your business growth and let your drivers handle the orders with the best app!

  • Works on IOS and Android devices
  • In perfect sync with your OrderingOnlineSystem
  • Top apps tech, extensions to take notes, photos and signatures on orders
  • Instantly manage orders working with your Drivers Team remotely

Waze & Google Maps Integration

Extend the power of your Drivers app with the apps you already use

Routing Done Right

With this amazing feature that your drivers will be able to use, there won't be any time lost, they can check business location and user location all at once. Happy neat delivery.

Google Maps

With this amazing integration, the best route can be choose, improve your delivery times and business quality.

Apple Maps

Easy to understand analysis, compare activities, see your route, courses & much more, with this incredible integration too! You´ll love it.

Waze Maps

Get the best route, every day, with real–time help from other drivers. Traffic tracking done right, follow your best route with this amazing tech.

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``We ALWAYS have a good experience! Everyone is courteous, helpful and friendly. Thanks!``

Dale & Carla (York PA)

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Innovation is our moto, amaze your users with your brand new app.

White labeled option

Nobody needs to know it's us, this is your app, brand it anyway you want and upload to your own App Store and Google Play Store accounts.

Ready to use

No geek knowledge required. Every app needs special setup and creating special accounts, apis and apps. We do this for you, we want to make your life easier not harder.


You can focus on your business.
Same as always, we provide 100% bug free guarantee. This means that if you find any bug we will solve it for you at no cost.

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Fair 1 time payment prices for amazing apps.

Current prices include 30% DISCOUNT - Offer ending soon!

Iphone/Ipad App

One time payment

Android Phone/Tablet

One time payment

Open Source IOS/Android code

One time payment

*An active plan of OrderingOnlineSystem is required click here for more info.


After we receive your payment you will be required to fill out this successful purchase form, so we can take care of all your apps setup.

We will send your apps in less than 10 days after your purchase.

You require an OrderingOnlineSystem plan in order for the apps to work. There is a reason for that.

All the business and site management is done directly on you OrderingOnlineSystem admin panel.

To purchase the best plan for you please click here for more info.

Updates will come as extensions, you will be able to purchase them separately depending on what you require.

Nope, unlimited drivers, businesses & users, unlimited orders & reservations, no commissions or extra fees.

Yes we do. Contact us for more information.


Power Up Your Apps with this amazing extensions

Order Notes

This extension allows your drivers to add any number of notes to orders. Communicate better with your customers.

Order Photos

This extension allows your drivers to add any number of photos to orders. It also expands photo on click to visualize better.

Order Signatures

This extension allows your drivers to add the signature of the business to confirm pickup and customer signature to confirm delivery.

Multi Language

Yes! That is correct, you can have your drivers app with multiple languages, any language and characters including RTL support for Arabic.

Hide Critical Order data

This extension allows you to hide the customer's phone number to the business before accepting an order. It's an additional layer of protection for your business.

Support email

This extension allows your drivers to send very quickly an email for your support team with driver coordinates for assistance.

Real-time tracking extensions

Yep! You can allow your customers and businesses to track your drivers on real time

Allow your customers to track the driver on real time with our Ordering App extension and the businesses can also track the driver on real time with our Orders App extension.

Admin drivers dashboard coming soon + we are working on even more ways to extend your apps. All new extensions will be sold separately.


We can customize your app anyway you want to meet your business needs and design.
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